Viet Nam Toi Dau? – Anh La Ai? – Ca Nhac Si Viet Khang

Original Video from TuoiTreYn Ca Nhac Si Viet Khang Chàng Trai Nước Việt
Video Rating: 5 / 5

From: SoakedwithAdamLambert (SWAL) from VIETNAM – To Adam Lambert & who love him all around the world No copyright infrement intended for this clip. Purely made for entertainment purposes. Enjoy your time! Comments are truly appreciated ^_^ — Biggest thanks to: 1/ Clip sources [I-LOVE-HANOI] 30 gio kham pha thu do ngan nam @ daihocsi2106 3D Rendering of the flag of Vietnam waving in the wind @ HQMedia Adam Lambert’s Backstage Message @ The Ellen Show BTIKM live 2012 at Jay Leno Show @ Terra Ha Noi timelapse @ pimroes HCMC @ day – Time Lapse @ AAPHOTOVN Hoang Hai – Ho Guom Sang Som Music Video @ filmninjapros Hue, Vietnam Travel Guide @ overlander Promo – Cape Cod Melody Tent for Adam’s Sold-Out Show @ NightBirdsObsession Promo – Nokia Theatre NYC for Adam’s (Sold Out) Shows @ NightBirdsObsession Queen Medley live 2011 at EMA @ Terra Traffic in HCM city @ bthoenissen Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City @ thevideosarehere VH1 – Behind the music Adam Lambert @ madamimadam WWFM music video @ AdamOfficial 2/ Image sources: @ adamlambertobsession @ Adam Lambert @ idolforums @ Adam Lambert @ Twitter @ Adam Lambert 24/7 News @ @ sunshine1 3/ Song sources: Adam Lambert – Can’t Let You Gos Adam Lambert – Mad world acoustic live @ iheartradio Adam Lambert – Master Plan Adam Lambert – Pick U Up Bon Jovi – Thank You for Loving Me Carrie Underwood – Change Joysticker – All in my head Seal – Kiss From a Rose Simple Plan – This song saved my
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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26 Responses to Viet Nam Toi Dau? – Anh La Ai? – Ca Nhac Si Viet Khang

  1. T4VIETNAMcom says:

    Trong tâm khảm người Việt chưa ai quên được 80 năm dưới chế độ Thực dân Pháp dân tộc ta đã chịu biết bao nhiêu thống khổ dưới gót giày xâm lược. Thực dân tha hồ bắn giết, nhiều làng bị san bằng…

    Và dưới chế độ độc tài, thế hệ chúng ta đã chịu bao nhiêu điêu linh cay đắng! Sống chết nhờ họa, phúc, bất trắc đọa đày. Đấy là những người cầm quyền cùng nòi giống Việt, nói chi đến chế độ cai trị trực tiếp trăm lần khắc nghiệt của thực dân phương Bắc … xem thêm tại: T4VIETNAM . com

  2. mitzi2su says:

    thank you Vitnam fans ..gave me chills and tears.just beautiful xx

  3. Glambert4682 says:

    What a wonderful vidio. Made me teary eyed.

  4. mimzy1000 says:

    Wow, this was breathtaking….Thank you Vietnam fans….you rock !!!

  5. Kaisawii says:

    That was beautiful! Love it!! <3 Great job!! : )))

  6. sizzling177 says:

    Nobody commands the stage and your soul like Adam Lambert!! He is phenomenal in every possible way!! And he is at his best when he allows himself to be vulnerable and completely himself.

  7. simordoval says:

    That was wonderful! Loved it! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful video!

  8. Seniorsof2011rule says:

    that was beautiful. You did a great job on this video. :)

  9. MinCibaby says:

    hay quá :) mọi ng` tuyệt thật! I hope Adam will see this <3 great job!

  10. Glambert3256 says:

    Beautiful and oh, so true!!!!

  11. lenhathi94 says:

    you should give him this link <3~ go tweet his twitter babe <3~

  12. soakedwithal says:

    *totally speechless* Thank you guys so much for your supporting comments and your tweets to Adam ;__; Just thank you, again…

  13. glamstarlight says:

    beautiful!!!! i lack the words!!! so wisely and sincerely done gift, surely i tweeted vid to Adam :D he must see it!  <3

  14. 48Mooky says:

    This was beyond beautiful !! My eyes are filled with tears of love and total joy !! You have made me feel so alive and such a big part of this amazing fandom <3 xoxoxoxox ; )

  15. Martijano says:

    He really is special, I tweeted him that beautiful message at the end of the video, hope he sees it, you really did a wonderful job !!

  16. LuvsDebbie says:

    Truly beautiful !!!!!

  17. adamluv1000 says:

    You did an amazing job on this. So wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  18. kayakmermaid says:

    You made me cry…just gorgeous!!!

  19. 1sauci says:

    Just lovely! Great job!

  20. souperpooper2 says:

    Brilliant! Thank you for sharing :) 

  21. jancamp50 says:

    Beautifully done Vietnam Glamberts. This will touch Adam’s heart.

  22. Cayman422 says:

    Thank You!!!!!!! Brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful!

  23. allant800 says:

    i cried watching this,,thanks for this beautiful video

  24. IreneRose29 says:

    That was beautiful and heartfelt, thank you for posting it so all could see. I’m sure Adam will love it and feel honored.

  25. weezleable says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM….Beautiful video thank you!!!!!

  26. NightBirdsObsession says:

    This is truly a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to Adam, an amazing performer, philanthropist, social justice advocate and kind and generous soul. That he can inspire such an amazing gift from his fans speaks volumes about the man he is. I am so honored that you have included a few of my video clips in this incredible piece of work.

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