Renaissance Era Coming For Xerox

strong>By Delian Naydenov:

Xerox (XRX) was founded in 1906 in Rochester but it later relocated to Southern New England where its headquarters are today. The company is known for technological innovation with more than 10,000 active patents. However, its main business of printing has been in distress since the 1990s, caused by the internet and the digitalization of documents. Investors are skeptical about Xerox because it still relies on its printing business with over 40% of revenue generated by this segment in 2011. I think that there is little to be concerned about. Xerox is successfully transforming itself into a service oriented company after the Affiliated Computer Services acquisition in early 2010. The company strategy is to continue to acquire more service oriented competitors in the next few years. From a valuation standpoint, Xerox appears to be undervalued and the stock is a good long-term investment. Also, Xerox is led by a remarkably

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