International Morse Code, Hand Sending

Principles And Basic Technique For Good, Rhythmic Sending 0f Morse Code By Operating The Hand Key. National Archives and Records Administration INTERNATIONAL MORSE CODE, HAND SENDING Department of Defense. Department of the Army. Office of the Chief Signal Officer. (09/18/1947 – 02/28/1964) ARC Identifier 36813 / Local Identifier 111-TF-3697.

Evidence of Revision (4 of 6) The RFK assassination as never seen before (full movie)

This is the mindblowing 6-part video documentary series Evidence of Revision whose purpose is to present the publicly unavailable and even suppressed historical audio, video and film recordings largely unseen by the American and world public relating to the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, the little known classified “Black Ops” actually used to intentionally create the massive war in Viet Nam, the CIA “mind control” programs and their involvement in the RFK assassination and the Jonestown massacre and other important truths of our post-modern time. The US Government’s Orwellian “Office of Public Diplomacy” has been in existence in various forms and under various names since World War ONE. The union of American governance and American corporate interests began in Abraham Lincoln’s day and the massaging of “public truth” began even before the Roman Empire. The more you know about “real history” versus “official history”, the better equipped you are to see behind the lies of our times, even as they are told to you. Evidence of Revision sweeps “official truth” into the dustbin of history as it may be revised even as it is being written. Each part cca 100 min. long, 8 hours all together. A must see for everyone Part 1: The assassinations of Kennedy and Oswald as never seen before Part 2: The “Why” of it all referenced to Viet Nam and LBJ Part 3: LBJ, Hoover and others. What so few know even today. Part 4: The RFK assassination as never seen before Part 5: The RFK

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  1. yannigk says:

    the woman CANNOT play piano.

  2. Flickchaser says:

    @nuclearvault-This is a good training film. I’ve not found any training films that(probably US Navy) teach the operation of flashing or signal light aboard ship anywhere on youtube. Must be very rare if none are posted.

  3. maiba1412 says:

    Not just good quality but got some humour too XD

  4. ViralTwist says:

    I see morse code is serious bussiness

  5. jan borci says:

    this is a very useful tool and should be learned though not needed who knows it may come in handy…just watched jericho and i deciphered the code by memory…been awhile since i actually heard morse code

  6. mi2312 says:

    5:10 not a single fxxk was given – Romeo

  7. kminnis1 says:

    Because of Adult Swim and their Bumps anyone else here because of this?!

  8. Dye16311 says:

    i couldnt stop laughing when the pianist shot the guy hahaha

  9. Covenante1993 says:

    1966…wow XD

  10. 33clocks says:

    This proves it. White people do have rhythm.

  11. 33clocks says:

    You just read my mind, except it’s 1:15 a.m. here.

  12. Cronicman127 says:


  13. Jonathanc2345 says:

    now I know there are so much metaphors hidden in morse code

  14. m14lover1 says:

    now i know…

  15. rex2xx says:


  16. raystrikerxx says:


  17. Cronicman127 says:

    owens? or young?

  18. rex2xx says:

    that man has the same last name as me wtf?!?

  19. ptJorel says:

    Is he talking to god?! LOL

  20. gamerloveer224 says:

    XD I did the same thing

  21. spitfirecs420 says:

    Is this real? wtf

  22. and1smax says:

    Thumbs up if you’ve mastered the morse code for A and N

  23. ExilixE says:

    lol 4:31, soldier chaning step

  24. fergus247 says:

    holy shit, its high def

  25. PhilanVortex says:

    Hey, when the apocalypse comes we have to be able to communicate somehow.

  26. TheSlappyabromowitz says:

    Where is Eugene Thane Caeser and is he still alive?

  27. LondonPride25 says:

    Jack was a haircut. He looked great on tv but his rhetoric was all Bobby’s. Jack was a senses guy. Bobby was the intellectual. Jack liked to bang starlets and showgirls. Jack did a lot of dope. Bobby liked to keep his wife pregnant. Bobby’s “Dr Feelgood” was his idealistic rage. Bobby was the greatest President America never had.

  28. RaulentRoi2 says:

    Just 1 last statement and I quit. Guess who killed Yitzhak Rabin? Yes. You guessed. Jimmy Carter.

  29. RaulentRoi2 says:

    Why do we give Iraq to the Iranians? Why do we install Islamic regimes in the Middle East? Why do we create the conditions of the future world instability? Guess. Yes, to save he conglomerate. They don’t want a global war. They just want us to be afraid of it, so we surrender our vote to the imperious need for defense spending. Propser with tens of side manageable wars that we cannot win but last forever. After Kennedy, the peace process came to a stall. We, the people, can change this.

  30. RaulentRoi2 says:

    Let me quote myself: “No one really hoped for the fall of the USSR. It just happened”. But maybe it’s the opposite. No one really wanted the fall of the USSR, except for Reagan. Note that Bush sr. hurried to create a new Gulf war after the fall of the Easter block. All this unused equipmenent! They had to find an enemy. It’s a weak one. Expect worse to come. It came. But, it still is a weak one. I expect much worse. Iran and China are th candidates to save the conglomerate.

  31. RaulentRoi2 says:

    To determine the reasons of the Reagan assassination attempt, given he was pro-defense, we should look at his speeches in the days before. At the AFL-CIO, minutes before, he starts his speech with the “communication problems at the White House”. This would be an understatement. Then, he goes on with the required tax breaks for economic recovery, nothing for defense. He generally had an obsession to reduce deficits. And this had to mean less for defense. Reminds of Ron Paul?

  32. RaulentRoi2 says:

    It’s exactly what I think. It would seem that a president / vice-president team, whether Democrat or Republican, establishes a balance between popularity and darker interests, the latter being dominant. Tensions are inevitable. The Reagan’s defense policy should have started an escalation process that would have caused many side wars. I don’t think this was his input. It was the CIA GH Bush. No one really hoped for the fall of the USSR. It just happened. (cont’d next post).

  33. TheOriginalKA3AK says:

    I agree 110%!!! Thanks for your response as well.

    Interestingly enough, “They” tried to assassinate Reagan during the first year of his first term. Seems as if H W Bush wasn’t very happy waiting his turn and being the #2 man. Just wondering what your thoughts may be on that issue?

  34. RaulentRoi2 says:

    I agree with your analysis. But, Reagan wasn’t in charge. He made some great speeches, and the people really seemed to identify to him and trust him despite the economic mess and huge deficits. H W Bush was the CEO. The starwar system hoax can be compared to the moon landing in the 60s, made up by the CIA. CIA was running the country. Reagan was incapable of it. He was an honest man gifted with charisma. But, honest American presidents get shot while the crooked Vice Pr. tears the country apart.

  35. RaulentRoi2 says:

    Photo too rare to be natural, it should be everywhere. And why is the movie cut at each crucial moment. From 52:15 you hear: Get away from the gun, his hand is frozen, break his thumb, we don’t want another Oswald. “Frozen”: He is still in a transe, while the end transe trigger word has not yet been pronounced. “We don’t want another Oswald”: The gunner comes back to consciounsness and lets go of the gun. He will later state to only remember being strangled as he realized he was holding a gun.

  36. RaulentRoi2 says:

    In the RFK case, should Sirhan have been conditioned to murder, a trigger word would have been required. There were no cellular phones back then. So the (CIA)handler had to be next to Sirhan, likely 2 handers. Take a look at the photo minute 52:15. The 2 guies, blackman and whiteman, they don’t care. Right in front of them, there is a gunman, a fight, violence, and a Kennedy a litte bit further down. They look to the side. They don’t belong in the place. What’s their name? Rare photo on the Web!

  37. TheOriginalKA3AK says:

    I almost think that JFK saw what was coming! Not just in the near future but the events of today as well. JFK stood in the way and HAD to be eliminated! The NWO was first mentioned by king George H.W. Bush and the government has been in steady decline since then. The government is only going to get worse and I do believe a police state is just over the horizon. Obama is no better, he actually put into motion the NDAA which would detain any citizen indefinitely who goes against the current system

  38. TheOriginalKA3AK says:

    I disagree about Reagan! He pulled this country up and together. Hell, no one complained about the roaring 80′s… not even my Marxist uncle!! Jimmy Carter was an idiot who utterly destroyed the economy in less than three years. It was Bush1 who twisted the Reagan policy after becoming President and every President since then has been going along with the Bush1 doctrine.

  39. TheOriginalKA3AK says:

    JFK & RFK were sincere! I think Reagan was sincere and pulled us out of the mess Jimmy Carter made during his term. However, his plans opened the doors for George H.W. Bush and the sequel gWb to rip this country apart by proposing the NWO and allowing huge corporations and conglomerations of all sorts to gain control of the U.S. on the backs of the working and middle classes. IMHO, there are no differences between R’s & D’s in politics today. The President is a mere puppet controlled by shadows.

  40. TheOriginalKA3AK says:

    I agree and let me also add that when JFK and RFK talked about change for our country… it was about REAL, sincere, positive and productive change to help ALL American citizens as well as getting out of a war similar to what the government is conducting today.

    Obama said we would end our current wars [conflicts] and bring our troops home! However, almost four years later, it is still the same Bush/Obama wars continuing. Also, the working & middle classes still suffer while Corp. are thriving!

  41. clsfavorites says:

    You are so right. John F. Kennedy was the last President who held any real power. The rest, including Obama, are just figure heads.

  42. EricandDish says:

    The death of Robert F. Kennedy was more than just an assassination: it was an inside job by our government (LBJ, Tricky Dick, Reagan, Hoover, and Nelson Rockerfeller were the motives in my mind and E. Howard Hunt shot RFK in the head and not Sirhan). Case in point: there has never been a full-blown federal investigation into this case and did anyone notice in the documentaries that they mentioned the LAPD and not once the FBI stepped in?

  43. heymissdeejay says:

    “The suspect is a 5.5 ft, Mexican-American, dark skinned man…” 1:05:40… The American racism back then, and now… even in the news

  44. heymissdeejay says:

    Too pixelated… these images are worth improving… great doc!

  45. mpjgbx says:

    One reason JFK was whacked was because he wouldn’t sign off on Operation Northwoods.

  46. disamjisa says:

    @53:40 Omfg! Is that Frank Sturgis?

  47. disamjisa says:

    @52:40 “We don’t want another Oswald”

    So true. Those in attendance knew the score on the JFK assassination, they didn’t want Sirhan Sirhan to be Jack Ruby’d

  48. bat1966man says:


  49. bondurango says:

    If Sirhan was programmed, then the mind control wouldn’t be limited to him.

    The pattern of the “polka dot dress” itself would have been part of the mechanism used to “trigger” Sirhan’s programming. If mind control functions like an algorithm, then the program could “branch” to other “modules” & “subroutines” which have no clue as to the function of other “executables”.

    I doubt anybody would randomly brag about being an accomplice to the shooting if they were not also mind controlled.

  50. mpjgbx says:

    1:00:14 Princess Diana

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