Joe Rogan and The War Pigs

Joe Rogan explains the military industrial complex and Ron Paul’s candidacy.

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24 Responses to Joe Rogan and The War Pigs

  1. AaronSilkwood says:

    It amazes me we are still there. I just can’t… Ugh! Dhjordbkifdbiffinbf

  2. liamfun1000 says:

    Ron Paul sold us out endorsed Romney! Enuff said!

  3. chriscooke109 says:

    I wish that shoe had hit him and put him in a coma.

  4. TippinatorTinMan says:

    Warpig - Ozzi

  5. Tman2010001 says:

    If what he speaks is truth and facts, then that does not matter. It stands on it’s own. It doesn’t need him in order to be valid and reliable if it truly is the truth.

  6. TwoSwift651 says:

    Your a clown…kill yourself, get raped first.

  7. davidTHEmavid says:

    You know, looking back nearly ten years later. If Bush wasn’t really elected, if America could go to war with Iraq based on complete, strategic, and complacent lies, is it really that hard to believe that Bush or the government had a part in 9/11? I’ve always been skeptical, but really, if they can send so many soldiers to their death, might they allow 3000 people die?

  8. nickpaul76 says:

    @FPSCongo1 Thank you. Joe Rogan is like the smartest guy I know. He’s like Bo Jackson.

  9. jm3756 says:

    Well now I know you’re stupid.

  10. gserlenga says:

    The oak leaves found on military uniforms of all ranks the world over are symbolic of dressing the sacrificial victim for his willing sacrifice. Read about the occult symbolism of military uniforms and decorations.

  11. giroyagetme says:


  12. MrCHILLn01 says:

    the whole vid was awsome get sum jizz into sum holes!

  13. DawnBraker says:

    hey Mischiefmaker37, congratulations. you are a very good video editor. i usually hate these videos but you have made the best once ive seen. keep up the new work.

  14. unvrknow22 says:

    the intro is so fucking hilarious

  15. jimmyshitbags says:

    if it makes sense it doesn’t matter who’s saying it.

  16. FPSCongo1 says:

    @elderlyjr What does him being a host on fear factor have to do with it? Its not like they have been kidnaped and forced to do the things they do to be let go, they do it willingly. Scientific studies have been done proving that weed causes no Physical damage to your body. Instead It stimulated braincell growth, shrinks tumour sizes, And If THC and CBD (main chemicals in weed) Oil are externally used on skin cancer, It cures It within a few weeks and/or months. Do your research kid.

  17. MusicandChronic says:

    You need to wake up my friend. Also do some research and listen to what he says before making silly comments like that

  18. elderlyjr says:

    Isn’t Joe Rogan a dope smoking reality tv host that makes people eat bugs and drink animal semen? You people are morons if you take anything this buffoon says seriously.

  19. MrHiranhiram says:

    Tratando pessoas como peões no xadrez
    esperar até o dia do julgamento chegar, yeah!

    Agora na escuridão o mundo pára de girar
    cinzas onde os corpos queimando
    os porcos de guerra não têm mais o poder
    das mãos de Deus foi preso na hora
    Dia do julgamento, Deus está chamando
    em seus joelhos, os porcos da guerra rastejam
    Implorando misericórdia por seus pecados
    Satã, rindo, abre suas asas
    Oh, Senhor yeah!

  20. MrHiranhiram says:

    Generais liderando suas massas
    Como bruxas em missas negras
    mentes malignas que a trama de destruição
    feiticeiros da construção da morte
    nos campos os corpos queimando
    enquanto a máquina da guerra continua rodando
    Morte e ódio à humanidade
    envenenando suas mentes lavadas
    Oh, Senhor, sim!

    Políticos se escondem
    eles apenas começaram a guerra
    Porque deveriam sair para lutar?
    Eles deixam isto para os pobres, sim!

    O tempo dirá suas mentes poderosas
    Fazendo guerras apenas por diversão

  21. acohen1980 says:

    Bush,Cherney, Rumsfield, Obama…all fucking war criminals…..mass murderers…..

  22. williamfillion says:

    Awesome video man!

  23. Beachcrib says:

    We can not let congress destroy the bill of rights .. For any reason . It should be the only talk ! America is no longer a free nation .. No Americans are protected after that bill was passed . See the future ??? Regardless .. No one has the right to destroy the bill of rights . Stand together on this .

  24. weeg91 says:

    im at the bottom – i can feel something beginning to shake and erupt
    it’s going to be beautiful, horrid, but beautiful.
    bring it on

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