Build A ‘Whatever Happens’ Portfolio… Now

By Joseph L. Shaefer:

I sent a note to our clients earlier today that I think may have value for our loyal readers here, as well. I will share my comments to them, but also remind you of the specific funds, ETFs and individual securities we have previously discussed that may be of value in your own investing.

There is no such thing as a “defensive” portfolio of long-only stocks. Stockbrokers who must always keep something new ready to sell will cite utilities, health care and consumer staples as stocks to rotate into to protect against a market crash. Their logic sounds good: “People gotta eat, take their drugs and pay their electric and gas bill, no matter how tough things get.”

True – as far as it goes. People gotta eat. But investors don’t have to pay 60 times earnings for Chipotle or 25 times earnings for Whole Foods Market. The earnings for

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