C1 Financial: Excellent Risk Management, Defensive Positioning To Rising Rates, And Innovation Make This An IPO To Own

By Dallas Salazar:

I first heard about C1 Financial (NYSE:BNK) in early 2012 when the bank, which had just changed its name and was looking to make a splash regionally, ran a promotion where it gave any personal depositor willing to invest $ 1 million into a five year CD a brand new Mercedes-Benz. Only I’m not in C1′s region, not even close, and I didn’t hear about the promotion from a local mailer, a radio advertisement, or word of mouth. I read about it on the front page of Yahoo.com and then proceeded to watch the CEO explain the promotion on Fox News a short time later. The intended purpose of the promotion – you know, to gather eyeballs and ears and create brand awareness, had reached far greater levels of success than could have ever been expected at the time of launch. This short anecdote may seem like nothing more than a

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