Terex: Great Prospects, Better Target

By Francis Lynch:

Key Developments
-Global infrastructure growth is expected to grow by $ 9 trillion annually by 2025, up from $ 4.2 trillion today.
-Emerging markets countries such as China will eclipse spending of developed countries by 2030.
-By 2050 E7 countries will have a collective GDP of $ 138.2 trillion versus $ 69.3 trillion for the G7.
-AWP growth continues to be robust.
-Backlog has increased 20.2% since December 2013 and 2.2% year over year.
-Overall sales grew 10.4% in Q2 versus prior year period.
-Management continues to cut costs and realign company departments efficiencies throughout the company, currently 70% of the company operates on the same platform, goal is to increase this.
-In 2013 gross margins increased to 21% from 10% in 2009.
-Company is focusing on its core products while staying away or shedding assets in areas that are crowded.
-Management believes the trend in Europe will continue.
-Tower and Crawler crane

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