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The Weekender: on perfecting pixels and rebuilding roller coasters

If you're visiting Latvia, stop into Riga's Café DALI, a gallery-cum-coffeshop inspired by surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. Titled LEGO Memories, the show features more than 60 mini figurines pulled from the likes of Super Mario Bros., Purple Rain, and Escape … Continue reading

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American Capital Agency: What To Expect From Earnings After A Roller Coaster Q3

By Matt Cote: The MBS market saw similar volatility in the third quarter to what was experienced during the second quarter, but the past three months tell a very different story than the preceding three. MBS of all coupons endured … Continue reading

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Roller Coasters, Megaphones, Addictions And Comas: What Kind Of Economy Is This? – Harry Dent

By The Gold Report: Booms and busts in the economy are based on predictable demographic cycles such as those studied by Harry Dent, founder of HS Dent, chairman of SaveDaily.com and author of “The Great Crash Ahead: Strategies for a … Continue reading

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