saigonbao-saigon-bao-China-vietnam War 1979.mp4 Saigon Bao, Vietnam News, China – Vietnam War 1984
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Music Video for Clap performed by Saigon featuring Faith Evans from the album The Greatest Story Never Told. © 2011 Suburban Noize Records

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  1. plakillviettard says:

    Hey VIETGOOKTARDS, this is REAL, check Wikipedia SINO VIETNAM WAR the MOST RECENT LEAKED information, MAKE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN to NEAR BOTTOM to read the casualty number, we Chinese only lost 6,954 troops but in 17 days WE KILLED MORE THAN 200,000 VIETGOOKTARDS. We took our FLAMETHROWERS out to BURN YOUR VIET RATS ALIVE in your caves. We withdrew because we didn’t want to have WWIII with Soviet Union but before we left we DESTROYED ALL YOUR INFRASTRUCTURES then WALKED BACK HOME with a BIG LAUGH.

  2. wangtianba says:

    @bartcena45 awesome my ass. They were awesome because they were captured by Chinese PLA in this video.

  3. osaka1939 says:

    How many more lessons the Chinks need to learn? How many more Chinese dead bodies need to be count? 100.000 chinese killed with hundred burned ships in Bachdang river battle in 1010 that ended chinese dream in vn.. 50.000 Ming Army burned like dogs by Leloi army in 16 century.. 60.000 Chin army totaly destroyed by Quang Trung.50.000 chinese PLA victimes killed by viet only during 3 weeks in 1979 What A PRICE FOR INVADERS How many more years China needs to take to become a civilized nation?

  4. dixi908 says:

    The Beat is better than the song thanks Just Blaze !

  5. cror says:

    faithy u lookin good still to this day girl! :)

  6. ErnestoCaro84 says:

    oh man saigon did it again !!! why djs dont play his music on the radio ??? HIP HOP aint dead with rappers like this…real music man

  7. datkidepik93 says:

    fake gloria estefans?

  8. ThaGoonman says:

    I think hes trying to express all the chinese food places that have been taking over shopping plazas everwhere. Not sure though.

  9. vmanpro2k7 says:

    @neojeeoh i think saigon is tryna say, dat all blacks ppl eat is just Chinese! i guess not sure

  10. DerParte15 says:


  11. HaLfDeAdArtist1 says:

    “Do away with all the Chinese restaurants” the fuck??

  12. neojeeoh says:

    Refreshing to hear some meaningful lyrics and positive vibes.
    But… what’s wrong with Chinese restaurants?

  13. jakobrasmussen1 says:

    great album for sure!!!

  14. MrPhillyrick1 says:

    @jbillingss eat a dick… faggot! now kill yourself!

  15. batscat1 says:

    I been following dude since “stocking cap”. I’m sure he was out before then but he has never disappointed. Definitely slept on. The game would be so different if real lyricist could get love. I’m not hating on anyone in particualar but….. to who it may concern.

  16. jbillingss says:

    @MrPhillyrick1 you couldnt do you better, all you can do is sit your fat ass behind a computer and hate.

  17. Jtownprice says:

    One of the best underrated rappers SAVING hip-hop!!!

  18. larsy1313 says:

    Check Out

    Eli G – Lonely Road

  19. CarloCack says:

    Lil wayne can suck my DICK. Wheres the epic button??

  20. Simenmorron says:

    I love this song, but the chorus gets very annoying. But Saigons rappin is fixing all that.


    Dope shyt Saigon iz underrated love hiz message!!!!!!

  22. czazueta089 says:

    this song is DOPE!!!

  23. MrAloo14 says:

    LOWKEY ft BLACK Ripper FT Dead Prez M1 obama nation part 2

  24. MrGuesOne says:

    @gcrosby216 ur trippin homie aint that many new ppl poppin on the East right now… theres a grip on the West though:.

  25. mrstrishfloyd says:

    west is way better fuck yall lamz… n fanz of this gay niggah is not hip hop listeners..yall fake like him suck it fags!!!!!sks

  26. Correction235 says:

    9 people listen to soulja boy….

  27. Antsuuv2 says:

    check out Petri Nygård :D

  28. gcrosby216 says:

    #random Eastcoast music is better than Westcoast music

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