Repro-Med Systems’ Focus On The Home-Care Market Could Lead To Substantial Payoff Or Buyout

By The GeoTeam:

The majority of Repro-Med Systems, Inc.’s (OTCQB:REPR) revenues and growth comes from its FDA-regulated “FREEDOM60″ mechanical infusion pump system, as well as related needle sets used to deliver medication to primary immune deficiency patients. We believe Repro-Med is currently slated for immediate upside of as much as 135%, with additional upside to follow as the company’s growth continues.

REPR is primarily targeted to the outpatient/home care market. Primary immune deficiency diseases (“PID”), an umbrella term referring to more than 130 genetic defects involving the immune system, affect as many as 500,000 Americans and 10 million people worldwide. PID disorders weaken the immune system, allowing repeated infections and other health problems to occur easily and more frequently. There is no known cure for the condition, and it’s widely under-diagnosed, with only 5% of patients identified in the US and 3% internationally.

We like the prospects of both the business and the

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